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Doubletree Systems, Inc. with extensive experiences on automation, power system operation and protection, specializes in providing a totally open solution to electric utilities.

Doubletree Systems, Inc., located at heart of the Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale California develops and provides open systems POLARIS - on-line substation equipment condition monitoring system and SA200 - substation automation, Wide Area Protection and engineering services to electric utilities around the world.

Using the same environment, POLARIS and SA200 ,both can run at the same platform or network to share the information using standard interfaces like TCP/IP, ODBC, DNP, OPC, XML, etc.

Doubletree Systems, Inc. mission is to work with users, bring advanced, mature technologies and have the user well trained.

Here are our product and services
    POLARIS - On line substation equipment condition monitoring system
    SA200 - Substation automation
    Wide Area Protection/ Wide Area Measurement Systems (WAMS)

    SNS - Substation Network Sentinel

    CET /SGCC - HVDC & SVC/STATCOM Manufacturer

We are looking forward to working with you.

  ..XJ Introduced and delivered a mobile transmission line de-icing device - FacTicer 
  ..Doubletree Systems Introduced PMU Tester & OnDemand Solution at EIPP 
  ..Doubletree Systems at the XJ 2002's User Group Meeting 
  ..Doubletree Systems, Inc. at 2001 IEEE T&D Expo