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POLARIS® - A Totally Open System
Continuously monitoring all the critical equipment in high voltage substations is a key to reducing maintenance cost and failure rate. Integrating all the kinds of technologies from different specialized vendors and even substation automation
into one unified system is essential. A continuos monitoring and analysis system must be open, compatible with substation automation, and cost effective. Polaris® is the first open system available that provides user friendly automated data collection, alarming, data archiving, data trending, and data analysing for predictive maintenance.

Main Features
  •  Truly open and economical solution based on Windows 95/98/NT
  •  One uniform graphical user interface(standalone GUI or Web browser)
  •  One database source(ODBC)for all the devices data archives
  •  One Local and/or remote access through WAN or phone to all the information in substation
  •  Part of substation automation
  •  Easy adding or upgrading of new monitoring and/or analysis

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