Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS)
WAMS is basic component of the Wide Area Protection/Emergency Control based on distributed installed, GPS-synchronized phasor measurement units. WAMS solution provided is field-proven in Bonneville of Power Administration of WSCC and accomplishes the following functions.
Phasor Measurement Acquisition
  •  Collect all the phasor measurement from different phasor
      measurement sites.
  •  Synchronize all the phasor measurements from different
  •  Package all the phasor measurements from all the phasor
      measurement as snapshot of the power network with
      timestamp and send to the advanced applications.
  •  Remotely set up the phasor measurement units.
  •  Support protocols like IEEE 1433, P1597 via serial or Ethernet.
  •  Guarantee the minimum less than 5 ms delay with multiple
     CPUs and RTOS support.


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