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POLARIS Bushings Insulation Monitoring Module
Before data is stored to the database, averages are calculated ĘC ignoring extreme values (basic filtering). A standard filter is also applied to the tan (d) values being stored in the database. Technical experts can adjust the filter factor.

All data is 'continuously' analyzed according to a user definable frequency (in hours). The evaluation of the data is based on a comparison of measured values with historical data for each particular unit.

From the analysis, the software calculates an "absolute" condition value for every unit in service. These values range from 0 (good) to 100+ (bad). Simple "green, yellow, red" indications of the condition of equipment are given based on these condition values.

  •  One capacitive divider unit (CDU) for each test point
  •  One measurement tap unit (MTU) for three CDUs
  •  Junction Box
  •  Front-end Processing Box with
      --  Input conditioning board
      --  Rendezvous board
      --  Watchdog board
      --  Alarm board
  •  32, 64, 128 Test Points (input channels)
      --  Nominal signal level:  40Vrms, 50/60Hz
      --  Isolation between inputs:  3000V
      --  Surge withstand capabilities:  ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989
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