POLARIS Transformer Monitoring Module
POLARIS transformer monitoring module monitors POLARIS transformer monitoring module monitors the followings:
  •  Top oil thermal modeling & monitoring.
  •  Load/Voltage monitoring.
  •  Gas-in-oil monitoring.
  •  Moisture-in-oil monitoring.
  •  LTC differential temperature monitoring.
  •  LTC tap position monitoring.
  •  Hot spot temperature monitoring.
  •  Oil pumps/cooling fans monitoring.
  •  The loss of life.
  •  The other ten analog inputs for pressures and levels monitoring.
The thermal modeling, Hot Spot temperature calculation, and the loss of life are based on the IEEE 57.115-1991, C57.91-1995, C57.92 -1981.
The module does the data reading, modeling, and alarm checking every 5 minutes and all the data is saved in ODBC database for further off-line analysis.
The module is standalone OPC server with data access and event/alarm interfaces can run as NT service.
You can trend any combination of the measured data in a past week, month, quarter, and year, etc.
Each transformer monitoring module can handle all the transformer tanks in a substation.

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