Transfer Limits Monitoring

Computations for large systems can be automatically distributed among designated computers to ensure computation performance.

A power transfer limit calculation process starts with a given system condition (power flow) and the transactions to be analyzed. Depending on the security criteria to be considered, additional data (support can be provided as requested) is required:

, Credible contingency set
, Load model
, Dynamic data
, Special models and data (relay, SPS, generator capabilities, AGC, preventive control
     measures, negative and zero sequence network data, FACTS and HVDC etc.)
, Other data (such as result monitoring, technical solution parameters, etc.)

Once the calculations are completed, results returned include:

, Power transfer limits for the given system condition and transactions
, Critical contingency
, System performance indices
, Other detailed results (such as suggested preventive control measures, P-V curves,
     time-domain simulation results, etc.)

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