POLARIS SF6 Leakage Monitoring Module
SF6 gas is popular insulation material used in electric substations. Monitoring the leakage is critical to electric equipment condition as well as environment concern.
POLARIS SF6 gas leakage monitoring module does the monitoring with the gas pressure and gas temperature.

  •  The module monitors
  •  SF6 pressure
  •  SF6 density ( % )
  •  Leakage rate
  •  Days to alarm level

The POLARIS SF6 module lets you define the full ( 100% ) based on your real time pressure & temperature readings.

The POLARIS SF6 module does the monitoring every 10 minutes and saves all the data into ODBC database to further offline study.

And POLARIS SF6 module has no limits on number of SF6 tanks to be monitored in a substation.

The signature OPC interface is compatible with OPC specification and supports alarm/ event interface. The Signature module can run as NT service.
Download (pdf file)
POLARIS SF6 brochure.pdf
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